After 22 miles of rough, washboard, dirt roads, when the dust finally settled, all three trucks struck their lights without one single failure and suddenly the Grand Canyon was just a little Grander.  Night Lights gave Good Morning America and its millions of viewers an incredible view of one of the great wonders of the world.

At the Meadowlands, a Bebee Light scores points in the end zone filming a Direct TV commercial

Our ability to light in multiple directions at one time with pinpoint accuracy is yet another reason why Bebee Lights has become “THE” name for location lighting. Even “Batman” needs a little help from a Bebee Light when he’s fighting crime in Gotham City.

Our west coast fleet is poised to serve the greater Los Angeles area within minutes. With terminal locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Orleans, Night Lights equipment can be virtually anywhere in North America in as long as it takes to drive there

Those next to impossible shots which were once a logistical nightmare are what a Bebee Light does with ease.

“Their flexibility, versatility and speed are a wonderful addition to the many features and TV shows I have had the honor of Gaffing over the years.”

Jono Kouzouyan - Gaffer - Castle

“When I need dependable location lighting, no one else even comes close to Bebee Lights”

Don Bixby - Gaffer - X Files,

Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious

“Bebee’s equipment is always first rate, on time and actually saves the production money.”

Gary Anderson - Warner Brothers

                            Set Lighting

Fully self-contained, two Bebee Lights are ready to take on the night, filming a Cadillac commercial in the middle of the high desert.

From city to country, sea to shining sea, in any type of weather conditions, Night Lights has proven to be an indispensable addition to many of the greatest features, television shows and commercials ever made. Everything looks better under a Bebee Light.

What started out as an idea, revolutionized an entire industry and suddenly, cinematography took a giant leap forward. Bebee Lights has made many of the iconic scenes from your favorite shows possible. Intricate dexterity combined with rugged durability has made Bebee Lights famous.